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Welcome to the home page for Ana’s Day / El Día de Ana.  Ana’s Day grew out of Eileen's interest in the colorful clay dioramas created by artisans living in the village of Ocumicho, in the state of Michoacan, Mexico.  She was fascinated with the way in which these artists captured scenes from everyday life in a small rural town.


Please visit and subscribe to Eileen's blog, where she will share stories from her work with schools and libraries - especially those interested in bilingual education. She also hopes to use the blog to support young authors of color to get started writing children’s books too.


Enjoy exploring the photos on this website. Each one tells a story and is the inspiration behind Ana’s Day.  


Eileen welcomes the opportunity to visit schools or libraries, whether in person or through the use of technology like Skype. For questions or comments, please visit the contact page.


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